Dr. Jagriti singh

Facial Cosmetologist, Dentist & Trichologist

Dr. Jagriti Singh is a gurgaon based celebrity smile designer, young and dynamic SMILE SPECIALIST, Cosmetologist [Facial Aesthetics] and trichologist. Driven by conviction, she is one of those few names to reckon in the field of aesthetic dentistry, facial asthetic cosmetology & hair transplant in Delhi NCR India with 12 years of rich experience.

  • BDS, MDS Orthodontist Root Canal Treatment, Ceramic Cap, Laser Filling etc
  • MSC in Facial Asthetic & Cosmetology Full Body Laser Hair Removal, Fat Removal by Laser
  • Tricologist (Only FUE Method) Beard & Moustace Transplant, Hair Growth by PRP, Hair Fall Treatment by Hair PRP & Medication
  • FWFA (USA)
  • MADA (USA)
  • Ex Senior Resident Doctor (Ram Manohar Lohia Central Goverment Hospital)
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The entrance gate to get dental treatment in Gurgaon from the top dentist in Gurgaon will redefine your dental health.

Irvin Cosmetics- A place for World-class Dental treatment in Gurgaon

Most of us consider dental problems a petty issue, but it is not the case. Dental problems can lead to severe diseases, except for damaging oral hygiene. If you have any type of dental problem, you need dental treatment in Gurgaon from the top dentists.

At Irvin cosmetics, we have the best dentists in Gurgaon who are highly experienced in treating all your dental problems. From Root Canal Treatment, Cosmetic dentistry, dental fillings, and dental implants, we provide all the orthodontic and dental treatments to ease your toothache, improve your oral hygiene and give your smile a flawless look.

With an experience of about 12 years, we have been serving patients to achieve the dental health they deserve. Apart from improving aesthetic appearance, dental appearance plays a vital role in boosting confidence. The founder member and a great doctor Dr. Jagriti Singh believes and aims to boost the confidence the people have lost due to the sudden change in their looks. This change might be due to age or some accident. You can definitely get the best dental treatment that will aid you to get what you want from your dentist.

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Glorify Your Look at this Cosmetic Care Clinic In Gurgaon

The look is very important for your confidence boost. If you want to get skin treatment, dental treatment, and hair treatment, visit Irvin Cosmetics, the cosmetic care clinic in Gurgaon and get yourself treated by the specialized cosmetic doctors in Gurgaon to improve your look and make you more beautiful and confident.

A brighter skin shade with the best skin whitening treatment in Gurgaon at Irvin Cosmetics

Skin Whitening Treatment

Improve your skin tone with our Skin whitening treatment in Gurgoan from the top skin care clinic in Gurgaon. We have the top cosmetologist who can help you have brighter skin.

Get younger-looking skin at Irvin Cosmetics through Skin Tightening Treatment in Gurgaon

Skin Tightening Treatment

From the top skin doctor in Gurgaon, you can get the skin tightening treatment in Gurgaon to get wrinkle-free skin that looks young and flawless after the treatment.

You get your physical appearance improved through skin laser treatment in Gurgaon, like hair removal, fat removal, etc.

Skin Laser Treatment

Using the skin laser treatment in Gurgaon, get redefined skin that is healthy and glowing. At Irvin Cosmetics, we offer the best skin treatment for every skin type.

At Irvin Cosmetics, you can get rid of unwanted facial hairs through hair removal treatment in Gurgaon

Hair Removal Treatment

Irvin Cosmetics is the top cosmetics skin clinic in Gurgaon that can help you get rid of unwanted hairs through hair removal treatment in Gurgaon.

Being obese is very unlikely. You can get the extra fat removed through fat removal treatment with laser in Gurgaon

Fat Removal Treatment

Say bye to unwanted fat from the fat removal treatment with laser in Gurgaon. We have the best cosmetologist in Gurgaon to improve the aesthetic appearance.

With the best Dentist in Gurgaon, you can get rid of cavities through Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Root Canal treatment

Get the puss removed from the infected tooth through Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon. We have the best dentist in Gurgaon who can treat you with the best dental treatment.

Enhance your smile at the top cosmetic dental clinic in Gurgaon, where you can get a complete smile design

Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Visual appearance matters! You can get cosmetic dental treatment at the top cosmetic dental clinic in Gurgaon and improve your look and get a flawless smile.

For the permanent artificial tooth, get the dental implant treatment in Gurgaon and get the crown placed after the treatment

Dental Implants Treatment

At Irvin Cosmetics, the best dentist in Gurgaon will aid you to have a permanent artificial tooth through dental implant treatment in Gurgaon to complete your smile.

The best cosmetic dentist in Gurgaon uses all types of dental braces and delivers you the best orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics treatment

Reshape your smile from the best cosmetic dentist in Gurgaon. We provide orthodontics treatment of all types, be it metal, ceramic or invisible braces.

Having holes in the teeth can be restored using dental fillings at the top dental clinic in Gurgaon

Dental Fillings Treatment

Get the dental fillings treatment from the best dentist in Gurgaon and get the suitable dental treatment that can aid you in getting your teeth filled using various materials.

Visit Irvin Cosmetics for regular dental checkups and get the best dental treatment in Gurgaon for all types of dental issues

Regular Dental Checkup

Visit the dentist regularly and get the checkup done before it gets too late. Visit the best Dental clinic in Gurgaon and get your teeth examined from time to time.

When you want extra hairs on your head, you can get them transplanted by the best hair specialist in Gurgaon

Hair Transplant Treatment

If you have baldness, get hair transplant treatment from the best hair specialist in Gurgaon. You need to visit the best hair doctor in Gurgaon to get the treatment.

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showing skin, hair and dental treatment in Gurgaon

Irvin Cosmetics is a renowned skin care clinic in Gurgaon where you can get skin, hair and dental treatments and beautify your looks and feel more confident. Just look at the ambience and the treatment procedures to feel more comfortable getting treated by the best dentist in Gurgaon.
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about the best skin clinic in Gurgaon

Be it skin whitening treatment, skin tightening treatment, hair removal treatment, skin laser treatment, root canal treatment, fat removal treatment, or any other dental treatment in Gurgaon, we have a list of satisfied clients who are happy with our services. If you wish to visit our skin clinic for any beauty services, read these reviews and clear any doubts.

Manoj kumar

Getting hair PRP sessions.. n receiving good results.Dr. Jagriti explained everything to me in a very clear manner, she is kind and friendly. And yes I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a specialist..

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Thanks, Irvin Cosmetics, for taking proper care of my skin. Dr. Jagriti Singh did the facial procedure. After two weeks from it, my skin wrinkles have gone. Irivn cosmetics is the best cosmetic clinic In Gurgaon

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Rishav Bagla

I m so happy after my acne problem being cured.. i have been suffering so much from the scars. I must say it is the best skin treatment in gurgaon. Thanks Irvin cosmetics for providing for giving me the best treatment ...

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Yash Junanker

Absolutely happy with my root canal treatment from Dr Jagriti. I was really scared but she was calm and polite to me. Made me feel comfortable during the procedure. My holidays will be painfree now.

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Geeta Pal

Happy with my skin treatment ..I had severe pigmentation on my cheeks. I got them treated by Dr. jagriti..the place was hygienic and everyone followed covid protocols..
Thanks Irvin cosmetics

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Samir Sharma

For me this was the best dental clinic in Gurgaon. I had gone through dental implant which by the way i was initially scared. Thanks Irvin Cosmetics for taking care of me during the procedure.

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RCT or Root Canal Treatment is a very common procedure that a dentist uses to cure toothache and sensitivity issues. Initially, the treatment was painful and time taking, but with the advancement in technology, the treatment has become painless. RCT in Gurgaon is now possible in a single sitting, reducing the treatment cost. The cost of RCT in Gurgaon is cost-effective, which you can get from the best dentist in Gurgaon.

Dental treatment is a vital function that can help you achieve a happy smile and healthy teeth. At Irvin Cosmetics, we have the best dentist in Gurgaon who can provide all sorts of dental treatment to help you get healthy oral health and a beautiful smile. Some of the main dental treatments in Gurgaon we provide are:

  • Dental Fillings
  • Orthodontist
  • Dental Implants
  • Cosmetic Dental treatment
  • Root canal Treatment

We provide any and every type of dental treatment in Gurgaon, and we can help you achieve the best smile and healthy oral hygiene at an affordable cost.

Ya! we know money matters, but when it comes to your look, you must never compromise it just because of the price. Smile Designing is a dental process where we provide a complete smile makeover treatment in Gurgaon to our patients and serve them with a perfectly flawless smile. We believe in transforming smiles that transform an individual's personality. But every person has different requirements, so to know the exact price, you need to visit our clinic and check for yourself the budget you require for smile designing in Gurgaon.

It depends on the type of hair removal treatment you use. When you go for laser hair removal treatment, around 3-4 sessions are required to complete the entire process for a particular area. In this process, the hair follicle is entirely destroyed, which means that it completely cancels the chance of hair regrowth. At Irvin Cosmetics, we work dedicatedly to damage the hair follicle instead of just damaging it to help our patients have clear and brighter skin after the hair removal treatment in Gurgaon.

Laser lipo is a modern procedure where a person can remove his body fat. Every person has a different body shape, and the loss of weight varies accordingly. But you can expect to lose 25 pounds which is almost equal to losing a pant size of fat. It also depends on your body part that has more fat and the part you are getting the fat removed from.

Skin tightening treatments are cosmetic procedures to change the look of your body part that has loosened skin. It is a great facial skin rejuvenation treatment that helps to improve the look of your skin by tightening loose skin. Loose skin and Wrinkles treatment can be done by applying laser skin tightening, making your skin soft and velvety, and reducing signs of aging. Using infrared rays, laser skin tightening treatment is a non-surgical and modern skin tightening treatment in Gurgaon.

It is one of the most commonly asked questions by persons who want to opt for hair transplants for their baldness. The answer is yes; our clinic uses the hairs from the back of your head and uses them to cover your baldness using hair transplants in Gurgaon. But while taking the treatment, you must check the qualification and experience of the surgeon. It plays an important role in how hair transplant will look. All you need to do is choose the best clinic for hair transplant in Gurgaon with a higher success rate.